Promote Your Mixtape

Discover the Best Places to Sell Your Mixtapes Online

If you want to make money from your mixtapes, you should know that there are a couple of great websites out there where you can offer your mixtape to those who want to download new beats.

Today, we want to share information about each of these convenient and practical online platforms. Use one or both of them in order to get your mixtapes out into the online marketplace.

Build a Buzz at

This is a great place to offer your mixtape for free. Now, we do know that you want to make money from your mixtapes! However, very often, posting mixtapes at, where people may download them for free, is a great way to make money, even if the money doesn’t come in via DatPiff.

Basically, musical artists make a lot of money from licensing. They put mixtapes out there anywhere that they can, for free, and then promote the heck out of their work. When it gets popular, they go to local businesses and radio stations and let them know that the mixtapes are available for ads, TV and other media stuff.

If someone want to license the mixtape, the artist will receive royalties whenever the ad or TV show or radio spot plays. It’s a great way of making money.

Putting your mixtapes up at, which has 1.8 million “likes” on Facebook, will be a great way to build popularity.

Another “free downloads” platform for mixtapes is It’s pretty much the same!

Sell Your Mixtape at iTunes

Apple device owners rely on iTunes in order to get new songs and many people with non-Apple personal computers use iTunes, too!. It’s possible to sell your mixtape at iTunes as long as it’s in a digital format. The default amount that singles sell for on the platform is .99 cents. For an album, the default price will be $9.99. As an artist, you’ll make seventy cents a song and seven bucks an album.

Getting your music onto iTunes won’t be hard. Just follow four simple steps in order to ensure that a huge audience may find you on this platform. Bear in mind that you’ll need to promote via social media and every other means, in order to let people know that you exist at iTunes. It’s all about marketing which is effective and consistent.

Since you’re an ambitious musical artist, you probably already know what you’ll need to do to get noticed and make money from your beats. Now, you know three platforms which will help you to achieve your dreams.